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Greenworks Tools How to Vacuum Stairs

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario: standing at the bottom of your staircase with your heavy vacuum cleaner, wondering if the stairs really need to be vacuumed.

Spoiler alert: if you have to wonder, the answer is yes. From pet hair to crumbs, glitter and straight-up dirt, stairs are a high-traffic area in every household, whether it's carpeted or not. Frequent stair cleanings are a must – but who has time for that? It’s time to flip the script and make vacuuming the stairs one of your favorite household chores. With a cordless vacuum, it’s possible – and with a little strategy and the right attachments, we’d even go so far as to say vacuuming stairs might quickly become your go-to task.

Learn the best way to vacuum stairs with the following steps:

1. Pick the Best Vacuum for Stairs

Greenworks 24V cordless stick vacuum

Our first simple but effective vacuuming tip: break up with your corded vacuum when you’re vacuuming stairs. Yes, you read that right. Leave your heavy upright vacuum in the closet and instead pick up a cordless vac – it’s simply the best vacuum cleaner for such a cumbersome job.

Frequent stair vacuuming woes include:

  • Juggling the vacuum cord so you don’t run over it.
  • Hassling with a power source (at the top and the bottom of the stairs).
  • Wrestling with your heavy canister vacuum on narrow stairs.
  • Lackluster suction that doesn’t pick up messes.

With a Greenworks cordless stick vacuum, you’ll have endless options to tackle every nook and cranny in your stairwell. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, even in awkward spaces. You can also switch out any of the four included attachments, either as a stick vacuum or a handheld vacuum – allowing you to customize your vacuum for the task at hand (more on that later!).

2. Make Sure Your Battery is Charged.

Greenworks 24V cordless stick vacuum

If you’re ready to tackle those stairs, a few simple preparations will help maximize your vacuum runtime and move on to the next task on your To Do list.

First up: make sure your cordless vacuum battery is fully powered.

If you have an additional 24V Greenworks battery, stick it on the charger before you tackle the stairs. With our quick-charge technology, you’ll have a fully charged battery ready to switch out in 30 minutes – giving you ample time to vacuum stairs, hard floor surfaces and more. For many competitors, you’d have to wait for 2.5 hours (or longer!) to recharge and finish the job.

3. Do a Quick Pick-Up Before You Start Vacuuming.

Greenworks 24V stick vacuum

A visual pass will help you spot and grab anything that will slow you down while vacuuming. After all, stray wrappers, hair ties, puzzle pieces and jewelry can often blend into the carpet and cause damage to your vacuum. A quick pickup will ensure you’ll be ready to rock and roll once you start cleaning.

4. Make Sure Your Vacuum is Clean.

Greenworks 24V Cordless Stick Vacuum

Make sure your vacuum is tidy to optimize performance – so empty the dust canister, clean out any pet hair or string caught in the brush roller and keep a close eye on your HEPA filter to ensure your vacuum is getting the job done well.

Pro tip: the Greenworks HEPA filter is medical-grade certified, reusable, washable, and offers significant allergy relief for your family. What's not to love?

5. Start Vacuuming at the Top of the Stairs.

Greenworks 24V stick vacuum on stairs

What’s the best place to start cleaning your stairs? At the top! On your way up to the top of the stairs, give your banisters a quick wipe-down – you can vacuum up any stray dust particles (it’s a two-for-one!). Starting at the top prevents any stray dust or dirt from falling to the clean tread below you -- plus it preserves those fresh carpet lines!

One of the benefits of utilizing a cordless vacuum on the stairs is not having to wrestle with a cord each step of the way (literally). The Greenworks 24V Cordless Stick Vacuum can help make the task manageable – and by starting at the top and working down, you’re maximizing both power and efficiency.

6. Pick the Right Vacuum Attachments.

Greenworks 24V stick vacuum attachments

It’s one of our favorite hacks: cordless stick vac attachments help you finish the job quickly! Check out the attachments included with a Greenworks stick vacuum:

  • Crevice tool: want to kick up your stair cleaning to the next level? Use the crevice tool in the seams of the stairs – both the back and the side – for a crisp, clean finish.
  • Motorized brush: this deep cleaning tool is a must-have for stairs, helping you get into hard-to-reach areas for maximum cleaning power.
  • Soft bristle brush: for easy-to-scratch surfaces, this soft fur brush has a delicate touch with just the right amount of suction.
  • Swivel-head floor and carpet brush: cover a ton of surface area in a short amount of time.
  • Round brush: this 2-in-1 tool can take on everything from baseboards to stair railings and more. This is a perfect option if you have hardwood or tile stairs, thanks to the 2-in-1 functionality.

Another Greenworks cordless vacuum showstopper: you can use each attachment as either part of the upright stick vacuum or easily convert it into handheld mode.

7. Use an Optimal Vacuum Pattern.

Greenworks 24V cordless stick vacuum

Ready for a satisfying deep clean of your stairs? We’ve got the secret to achieving the best vacuuming pattern – and it’s simpler than you’d think!

  • Use the crevice attachment to make a box around the corners of each stair. The crevice tool helps you get into the nooks and crannies of each carpet seam where dust and dirt love to collect.
  • Do a quick pass with the crevice tool on your entire staircase – and then switch attachments to the motorized brush head.
  • To get a fantastic deep clean, start at one corner of the stairs and push the attachment forward to the back of the stair.
  • Next, pull the attachment back at an angle to the edge of the stair.
  • Repeat across each stair – and make sure not to step on your freshly vacuumed tread!

Tips for Faster Stair Vacuuming

Greenworks 24V cordless stick vacuum

Vacuuming is similar to tackling every other task: your goal determines your strategy. Whether you’re looking to spot clean or deep clean, figure out what your stairs need, fire up your cordless vacuum and get to work.

Handheld Vacuum Spot Cleaning

If you’re looking for a quick spot clean, Greenworks has you covered. Our motorized brush head suctions up all the big stuff, from dog toy fluff to the trail of Goldfish crackers left by an unnamed family member. Plus, our Greenworks TruBrushless(™) motor maximizes efficiency to provide powerful and consistent suction – with zero waste – to ensure you can get every cracker crumb and glitter pile in sight.

Efficient and Methodical Vacuuming

If your stairs are hardwood, tile or have a runner, you can vacuum quickly to get the job done. An added perk: the Greenworks stick vacuum has five LED lights – dirt and dust headlights to help you suction up every last dust ball. For a deep clean of carpet stairs, take things slow. Deliberate strokes with a slight overlap on each pass help ensure you’re getting all the crumbs, dust and dirt.

Vacuum Frequently

One last suggestion: stay consistent and vacuum frequently. You don’t need to clean your stairs multiple times a week – but staying on a once-a-week vacuuming schedule can help keep your carpet looking fresh for longer.

Greenworks 24V cordless stick vacuum stand

The next time you’re standing at the bottom of your stairs, wondering if you need to vacuum – you’ll be thrilled that the answer is yes. Grab your Greenworks Cordless Stick Vacuum and get those stairs sparkly clean!

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