Up to 25% discount on 24V+24V lawn mowers
Double the power
Double power at a bargain price - Our 24V+24V lawn mowers provide you with 48V power with two powerful 24V batteries for effortless and quick mowing. Enjoy longer run times and perfect cutting results!
Bundle and Save – up to 30% off in a set!
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Summer Sale: Up to -15% on hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and more!
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No emissions while in use
When using battery-powered tools you avoid cable clutter and environmentally harmful emissions.
Quiet and low vibration operation
Battery products have no smell, no mess, limited noise and a performance level equal or better to petrol products.
Lower maintenance costs
Battery powered tools have lower running and maintenance costs than petrol equivalents as they don't need gas or oil.
Interchangeable battery system
The battery can be used in a range of different tools, from grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and many more.
Sustainable solutions for you
Lawn Mowers
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Hedge Trimmers
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Batteries & Chargers
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