Subject to the terms set out below, Globgro AB, Riggaregatan 53, 211 13 Malmö, Sweden (hereinafter referred to as “we”) offers a warranty (the “Warranty”) for all power tools and batteries bearing the GREENWORKS brand (each such product hereinafter referred to as the “Product”).

This Warranty is extended only to the first end-use purchaser of the Product (hereinafter referred to as “you”) and will not be extended to any other person or transferee. The Warranty only applies if you have purchased the Product either directly from us or from one of our approved resellers in Europe. “Europe”, for the purposes of this Warranty, includes the member states of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. A list of our approved resellers is available on our website (www.greenworkstools.eu) or can be requested via our Help Center (https://greenworkstools.eu/global/en/support)

No limitation of other rights

This Warranty gives you specific rights that are in addition to other rights you may have under applicable laws. In particular, if you have purchased the Product as a consumer in the European Union and the Product is not in conformity with the sales contract, you are entitled by law to certain remedies from the person who sold the Product to you. Those remedies, which are available to you free of charge, are not affected by this Warranty. This applies even where you have purchased the Product directly from us.

Warranty Period

The Warranty is valid for a certain period of time (the “Warranty Period”) commencing on the date on which you have purchased the Product.

The duration of the Warranty Period depends on the type of Product and on whether you have purchased it as a consumer or for commercial use. If you have purchased the Product as a consumer, the Warranty Period is 24 months for batteries and 36 months for other Products. If you have purchased the Product for commercial use (except rental use), the Warranty Period is 12 months for all Products including batteries.

If we have separately offered you an extension of the Warranty Period and you have complied with the conditions upon which such offer was made (e.g., registration of your purchase on a website), the extended Warranty Period will apply instead of the aforementioned periods.

What is covered by the Warranty?

Subject to the exclusions set out below, the Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship under normal operating conditions on all parts of the Product except consumable parts and parts that are naturally subject to wear and tear (such as tires, belts, cutting blades, collecting bags, carbon brushes, chucks, power cords, drill bits, sanding plates, carry cases, saw chains, trimmer lines, and trimmer head knobs).

We will rectify any defect that is covered by the Warranty through, at our option, repair, or replacement. Replacement may be with a new or refurbished Product or with a newer model of equivalent or better functionality. Where the defect relates to a specific part of the Product which can be removed and reinstalled without special skill or tools, we may elect to provide you with a replacement part instead of repairing or replacing the entire Product. Repair or replacement under this Warranty will be free of charge to you.

Any Products (or parts thereof) which are replaced under this Warranty may be kept by us and become our property. Repair or replacement of the Product does not grant a new Warranty and will not renew or extend the Warranty Period past the original Warranty Period.


The Warranty does not apply:

  • if the Product is purchased for rental use or if, having been purchased for other use, it is subsequently put to rental use;
  • to cosmetic flaws (e.g., discolouration) and other minor deviations that do not impact usability of the Product;
  • to Products which have been modified;
  • if the original identification markings on the Product have been altered or removed or if the CE marking is missing.

Further, the Warranty does not apply to defects caused by:

  • non-compliance with the operating instructions, improper use, abnormal environmental conditions, inappropriate operating conditions, overload, or collision;
  • insufficient servicing or maintenance;
  • the use of non-genuine spare parts and accessories together with the Product or the incorporation or use of unsuitable attachments or parts;
  • exposure of the Product to soot and smoke, chemical agents, bird droppings, water, corrosive materials or corrosive environments;
  • the Product having been incorrectly connected to a power supply or the wrong power or voltage having been used.

Without limitation to the foregoing, the Warranty does not cover:

  • cleaning, adjustment, and normal periodic maintenance work (e.g., blade sharpening and belt or cable adjustments);
  • impact damage or abrasive damage to any of the following parts: Auger and paddle assemblies, skid shoes, scraper bars of snow throwers and snow blowers, tiller tines of rototillers, mower blades and mower deck housings.

How to make a claim under the Warranty

To make a claim under the Warranty you must, within the Warranty Period, contact the person who sold the Product to you (being either Globgro AB or one of our approved dealers) with a description of the alleged defect and proof of your purchase.

If the defect cannot be repaired remotely, you will then be asked to bring in or send in the Product. If you have purchased the Product in a physical store, you will need to bring it back to that store at your own cost. If you have purchased it online, you will receive a prepaid shipping label allowing you to send in the Product.

If your Warranty claim is valid, the repaired or replaced Product will be made available to you for collection at the store (if you had purchased it from a physical store) or sent to you at our cost (if you had purchased it online).

Globe Technologies Sweden AB can be contacted via our Help Center.