Driving development forwards
Greenworks is fully in charge of the supply chain and relies less on outside manufacturing than competitors.
Innovative & adaptable
Greenworks business stays ahead by innovating our products and our solutions.
Sustainable & agile approach
Greenworks meets the challenges by always being at the forefront of change and exploring the limits of what is possible.
Relevant to our customers
Greenworks relentless focus on the end customer creates an agile and innovative mindset.

Making a difference

Greenworks is a young company with high ambitions for change. We want to change an industry that has already taken a step in the right direction and knows that the future is battery-powered. But how do you change an industry that is already changing? For us it's simple.It's not enough to follow industry and demand. We need to create the industry. Lead it.

‘Something smarter, more user-friendly, agile and sustainable.’

Power your Vision

Your vision, our power

If there's anything we know how to do at Greenworks, it's innovation. And that's not in spite of our youth. It's because of it. Our youth makes us innovative, adaptable, and quick on our feet. Without destructive traditions, products or approaches, there's nothing to change. The distance between idea and action is non-existent. We know where we want to go – forward – and we know how to get there – powered by our modern, high-performance batteries and with a responsive, smart,sustainable and agile approach to the market. Above all, we know when – now. Greenworks needs to make a difference now. And it's not a day too soon.