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What can a pressure washer do for your outside spaces? The short answer: just about everything!The Greenworks line of power washers has something for everyone—with twice the cleaning power and a #1 rating in Electric Pressure Washers.

Pressure Washer Numbers: What do PSI and GPM mean?

If you’re shopping for a pressure washer, you’ve probably noticed PSI and GPM measurements floating around – but what do they mean?

PSI and GPM measure the power and efficiency of pressure washers. Both measurements are necessary – in fact, they’re a package deal because they perform complementary tasks. Combined, they create “Cleaning Units” (CU) – the true measure of power and performance of a machine. The higher the CU, the quicker the job will get done.

What it is What it does
PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) The amount of pressure the machine can generate Blasting power: the force that removes the grime and gunk
GPM (Gallons per Minute) The amount of water flowing out of the pressure washer Rinsing action: washes the surface clean
CU (Cleaning Units) PSI x GPM Measures complete machine performance and efficiency

Greenworks Electric Pressure Washers – Plenty of Power to Spare

If you’re looking for extra-tough cleaning power, level up your pressure washer with the Greenworks Pro Series. And the critics agree – our Pro Series is the best and most powerful electric pressure washer money can buy. Recent mentions in top industry publications include:

Consumer Reports Greenworks Pro 2300 PSI Consumer Reports Recommended Buy
Popular Mechanics Greenworks Pro 2700 PSI Popular Mechanics Best Electric Pressure Washer 2022
Pro Tool Reviews Greenworks Pro 3000 PSI Pro Tool Review Best Electric Pressure Washer 2022

Gas vs. Electric Pressure Washers

Here’s a secret: many people think that gas-burning pressure washers outperform their electric counterparts. Myth busted. The reality is that electric power washers win the day over gas pressure washers providing more efficient power without ear-splitting noise.

  • Requires less maintenance: No need to change oil, refill gas or swap out the spark plugs.
  • Easier to use: No more hassling with a pull cord to get started – start it up with a push of a button.
  • Zero emissions: no carbon emissions, no sparks and no gas leaks.
  • Safety first: electric power washers are safe to use in any location. Gas pressure washers produce harmful carbon monoxide emissions, making them toxic and potentially dangerous in spaces like garages or sheds.

Greenworks Power Washers – Twice the Cleaning Power means Twice as Fast.

Greenworks pressure washers have a unique advantage - our TruBrushless™ motor technology makes it possible to deliver twice the cleaning power in half the time. Our brushless motors automatically sense and adapt, using the available power most efficiently. In a brushless motor, the placement of electromagnets helps eliminate the need for carbon brushes typically found in brushed motors. This technology reduces friction and increases the life of the motor – giving you maximum power to tackle whatever cleaning job you need. This technology also creates a smoother and quieter operation – keeping everyone happy in your neighborhood.

The Greenworks Pro Series pressure washers are intelligent and intuitive. The brushless motors allow Greenworks pressure washers to respond differently to each nozzle, putting out more GPM or more pressure. Whatever you need to get the job done faster, Greenworks TruBrushless™ technology delivers.

Brushless Motors Explained

Innovation Brushless vs Brushed Smart vs. Not Smart


No brushes - eliminates wear and tear


Intelligent PCBA microchip or Processor senses and adapts power

Brushless Induction
No brushes - eliminates wear and tear

X Not Smart

No PCBA microchip is less efficient & can’t intelligently adapt power

X Contact Brushes

Friction causes wear over time

X Not Smart

No PCBA microchip is less efficient & can’t intelligently adapt power

A Pressure Washer Nozzle for Everything

Knock moss off your shingles, blast stains off your garage doors and rinse grime and mud off your car with the range of Greenworks pressure washer nozzles.

Our customers rave about our nozzles. The quick connections make it easy to swap out mid-project, ensuring the correct pressure for any job. The sprayer gun is easy to handle and top quality, making comfort a priority as you tackle your To-Do list.

Most Greenworks power washer units come with the 40°, 25° and Turbo nozzles, while the Pro series includes the 40°, 25°, 15°, Soap and Turbo nozzles. You can purchase additional nozzles through

What is PWMA Certification?

The Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association (PWMA) is an independent organization that validates pressure washer claims. You’d hate to buy a 3000 PSI pressure washer expecting maximum power – only to start using it and realize the actual strength is more like 2200 PSI. That scenario frequently happens with non-PWMA certified pressure washers because sometimes companies inflate their numbers by measuring PSI at the unit’s base rather than at the nozzle.

When you buy a PWMA-certified Greenworks pressure washer, you can rest assured that the PSI and GPM ratings have been tested and validated by the Pressure Washer Manufacturers’ Association. The certification means your Greenworks pressure washer will deliver on PSI and GPM claims – so your 3000 PSI workhorse will deliver 3000 PSI of power.

Pressure Washers for Every Job and Skill Level

  • Easy to use – Whether you are a pressure washing pro or a first-timer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ease and accessibility of our pressure washers. At Greenworks, our goal is to make it possible – we want you to feel empowered to tackle any job.
  • Whisper quiet – Greenworks pressure washers boast substantial cleaning power without the ear-splitting noise.
  • Easy to set up – Out of the box and running in no time. Unbox and get started!
  • Portable pressure washer – No lugging around a gas monster – Greenworks pressure washers are lightweight and portable.

At Greenworks, there is a pressure washer for everyone and every job. Shop our #1 rated electric pressure washers today.

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