… What Bar Length Do I Need?

The Bar length is one of the most important factors when purchasing a chainsaw. Here at Greenworks, our bar lengths vary from 10 cm to 40 cm – we truly have a chainsaw for every task.

Shorter chainsaws give you less cutting capacity, while longer chainsaws provide a larger available cutting capacity in one pass. It’s important to note that larger chainsaws with longer bar lengths can also be more difficult to handle – so it’s a good idea to always match your task to your chainsaw size.

Landscapers follow the rule of inches, meaning your residential chainsaw bar length should be 5 cm longer than the active cutting area. For example, if you’re cutting a 25 cm log in one pass, you'll need a chainsaw with a 30 cm bar length. Of course, you can cut large branches/logs with a smaller chainsaw – just be prepared that it will take multiple passes.

30 cm - 36 cm | Trimming, pruning, limbing, felling small trees

40 cm - 46 cm | Felling medium trees, firewood cutting

Factors to Consider Before You Buy

In addition to the all-important bar length decision, here are a few other factors to consider before buying a new chainsaw:

Usage: How often will you use your chainsaw? Based on the frequency and purpose of use, you can determine which chainsaw size best suits your needs.

Project size: How big are the branches and limbs that you’ll be cutting down? Matching chainsaw size to project size helps to set you up for success.

Comfort level: How familiar are you with chainsaws? A smaller chainsaw provides beginners with maximum control and comfort. Experienced users looking to upgrade their equipment will feel right at home with a longer bar length.

Platform: Are you already on a voltage series? Here at Greenworks, we offer a variety of chainsaw voltage options, including 24V40V and 60V .

How to Choose a Battery-Powered Chainsaw
Cut Limbs & Branches | 30 - 36 cm Bar Length Chainsaws
  • Project: yard work, limb thinning, trimming, pruning, limb
    removal, felling small trees
  • Bar lengths: 30 - 36 cm
  • Ideal Limb Size: 25 - 31 cm
  • Comfort/experience level: Beginner

30 cm Bar Length

Greenworks 24V 30cm Battery-Powered Chainsaw

If you’re looking for an amazing beginner chainsaw – or the perfect compliment to your workhouse chainsaw – you’ve met your match. With the Greenworks 24V 30cm Chainsaw, you’ll be trimming limbs up to 25cm in one pass. And with the included 24V 4.0 Ah USB battery, you have plenty of power to spare.

  • Bar length: 30 cm
  • Cuts per charge: 85+
  • Ideal limb size: 25 cm
  • Push button start: No prime, no choke, no pull™

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35 cm Bar Length

Greenworks 40V 35cm Battery-Powered Chainsaw

If you’d like to add a 35 cm chainsaw to your tool arsenal, the Greenworks 40V 35cm Battery-Powered Chainsaw with a 2.5 Ah battery is a gold-star winner. And with 50+ cuts per charge, you’ll knock out any home trimming projects in no time.

  • Bar length: 35 cm
  • Cuts per charge: 50+
  • Ideal limb size: 30 cm
  • Push button start: No prime, no choke, no pull™

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36 cm Bar Length

Greenworks 24V+24V 36cm Battery-Powered Chainsaw

When you’re in the market for maximum power and cut time, the Greenworks 2x24V 36cm Battery-Powered Chainsaw checks every box – and with up to 150 cuts per charge, what’s not to love? Harness the power of two 24V batteries for 48V of cutting power.

  • Bar length: 36 cm
  • Cuts per charge: 150+
  • Ideal limb size: 31 cm
  • Push button start: No prime, no choke, no pull™
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Cut Larger Limbs & Trees | 40 - 46 cm Bar Length Chainsaws
  • Project: Firewood cutting, felling 38 - 48 cm medium-diameter
  • Bar lengths: 40 - 46 cm
  • Limb/trunk size: 35 - 41 cm
  • Gas equivalence: 42 - 45 ml
  • Comfort/experience level: Baseline skills/familiarity

40cm Bar Length

Greenworks 60V 40cm Battery-Powered Chainsaw

If you're considering upgrading to a 40 cm chainsaw, the Greenworks 60V 40cm Battery-Powered Chainsaw is faster than a 42 ml gas-powered chainsaw – and all without the usual hassle. With over 140 cuts per charge, this powerful tool surely has enough power to tackle any task.

  • Bar length: 40 cm
  • Cuts per charge: 140+
  • Limb/trunk size: 35 cm
  • Push button start: No prime, no choke, no pull™
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Greenworks Chainsaw Features: Best in Class

Greenworks battery-powered chainsaws come standard with some pretty handy benefits. Some of our favorite features include:

Easy start - every time: No more fighting the pull cord to start up a gas chainsaw. With Greenworks, our push-button start makes the cord hassle a thing of the past.

Auto-oiler mechanism: No more messing with oil – our auto-oiler mechanism keeps the chain lubricated for maximum performance.

Side-mounted chain tension: Gives you easy access for bar and chain maintenance.

Lightweight: Our ergonomic design is easy to use and at least 20% lighter than comparable gas models – giving you more control and less fatigue.

Less vibration: In addition to being more comfortable, less vibration in Greenworks chainsaws mean you can work for longer with more accuracy.

Quiet: Say goodbye to the ear-splitting buzz of gas chainsaws. Electric chainsaws are quieter to use because electric motors produce less noise than gas motors, making for more content eardrums (and neighbors!).

Ready to take a look at our chainsaw lineup? Check out our arsenal of chainsaws – we have a bar length and voltages to fit every need.