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For everything duct tape can’t handle, there’s a cordless drill to tackle the job – but which one should you pick?

The Greenworks 24V Drill/Driver is the perfect tool for DIY projects and a smart upgrade from the bulky, slow-to-charge drills of the past. Keep your finger on the pulse of power with unparalleled performance, extended runtime, and 20% more battery power than our competitors. Drill into the possibilities with Greenworks.

Get Things Done: 20% More Battery Power than 20V Drill Competitors

There’s nothing worse than starting a project and not having enough battery to get the job done. Luckily, with the Greenworks Drill/Driver, you’ll have 20% more battery power than 20V competitors – meaning your battery can power through any project, big or small.

A longer-lasting battery is the difference between a workday and a work weekend. After all, with Greenworks, you can drill 195 holes in one go (but what kind of project are you doing that needs 195 holes drilled?!). Or let’s say you’re planning to drive 500 screws for some reason – Greenworks has you covered on a single charge.

Want to see our 24V Drill/Driver in action?

Greenworks vs Leading Competitors

Greenworks Drill/Driver Leading 18V/20V Competitor
Voltage 24V 18V/20V
Job: Drilling holes 195 holes drilled (½” holes) 2" lumber 111 holes drilled (½” holes)
Battery Capacity 6 lithium ion battery cells 5 lithium ion battery cells
Recharge Fully charges in 60m (2Ah kit only) Up to 5 hours

All Things Battery: In It To Win It

If you’re in the market for a cordless electric drill, Greenworks packs an extra hustle with an additional lithium-ion battery cell. What does this mean for you? More power and a longer time. While most cordless drills with 20V batteries have five cells, our 24V battery adds in that extra sixth lithium-ion battery cell.

As a 20-year-old battery tech company, Greenworks battery power is at the heart of it all. Our battery power highlights include:

● Charges Quickly: The battery capacity (amp hours) and the power of the charger will determine how long it takes to charge your batteries. Other cordless drill batteries can take up to five hours to charge – frustrating when you’re trying to knock out a project. Greenworks charges in 60 minutes so you can get back to things – and people! – you love.

● 24V PowerAll Platform:The Greenworks drill/driver is part of the world’s largest and most powerful 24V lithium cordless tool platform. That means your Greenworks drill/driver battery works in 100+ tools to tackle all of your home, garage and yard needs.

Torque x Speed = Power

Comparing the power and performance of cordless electric drills can be a bit confusing, so let’s break it down.

● Torque: The amount of force produced to turn an object (in-lb) or (Nm)

● Speed: How fast the drill turns (revolutions per minute - RPM)

● Work Power: Power is calculated using Speed x Torque (the amount of work that can be produced).

It might seem counterintuitive, but the faster the speed, the lower the amount of available torque. So when you need more oomph, slowing down can help carry the load. Using a lower speed will allow you to take advantage of the full available torque.

More torque, more power, right? Yes – but more power isn’t always better. Rather than throwing maximum torque at every project, match the torque and speed to the job instead. You’re less likely to experience stripped screws, broken bits or binding – helping you cross the finish line on your project.

Not sure what all of this means? Greenworks has you covered. Our Cordless Drill/Driver comes with 18 clutch settings and two-speed settings – ensuring you have just the right amount of power for each job. You can use the lowest clutch setting for a small screw in a soft material you do not want to strip. Use higher torque settings when you’re driving larger fasteners into harder materials.

Match the Torque to the Job

Light Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty
Materials Soft wood, Drywall Plywood, MDF Dense Hardwood
Fastners Smaller screws Medium length screws Long screws, bolts, etc.
Clutch Settings 1-7 8-13 14-18

The Brushless Motor: So You Can Work Smarter, Not Harder

Ever wonder why there seems to be such a wide range of prices in electric drills? One of the key contributing factors to cost is whether the drill has a brushed or brushless motor. Let’s dive in and learn more about how cordless drills can help you work smarter, not harder.

Brushless Motors

Drills with brushless motors tend to be more expensive but allow for increased control and higher efficiency. This translates to smoother and quieter operation, more run time, and maximum torque.

Ready to get even smarter? Greenworks changes the drill game with our microchip technology. The microchip controls the electromagnets, eliminating friction for better performance and longer motor life. With the Greenworks battery-powered drill, you’ll have all the power you need when you need it.

Brushed Motors

Brushed motors are less expensive to manufacture – making the fire-sale price remarkably low. A cheap drill wears out quickly because its motor uses carbon brushes that maintain contact with the part of the motor that spins (rotor). This creates constant friction when the drill is used and generates sparks, carbon brush dust and excess heat. No one wants a hot tool in their hand!

Drills with brushed motors do not use smart technology to control the power current. Without the ability to sense how much power you need, your drill will be less efficient with a shorter run time

Looking for more in your drill/driver? Greenworks delivers.

Here are Greenworks, we’re a battery tech company that has funneled our leading-edge technology into a powerful, sustainable user-friendly tool platform. In addition to our long-lasting battery, brushless motor and quick charge time, our 24V drill/driver also has a few handy extras packed into its toolkit:

● Ergonomic design: The Greenworks 24V drill/driver feels great in your hand. The easy-to-grip, user-friendly design helps you tackle the trickiest job in the tightest space.

● LED light: There is nothing worse than squinting into a dimly-lit project space and hoping for the best. Our 24V drill/driver comes with an LED light to help you visualize exactly where to drill, every time.

● Low profile battery design: No one wants a bulky battery pack bogging down their project. Our low-profile battery design makes it a snap to switch out batteries on the platform and ensures the battery is never in your way

● Lightweight: If you’re used to an aching shoulder after each project, it’s time to change it up. The Greenworks drill/driver is the perfect blend of weight and power.

● Power it up: Speaking of power, our 24V drill/driver has multiple power settings. Whether you’re tackling a project that requires high speed or high torque, Greenworks has you covered.

The MVP of Tools, Upgraded.

The Greenworks 24V drill/driver is in a class of its own. Whether you’re looking for a trusty sidekick for DIY projects or a powerful workhorse on the job, the 24V drill/driver will help you get the job done. Our microchip technology automatically adjusts the drill’s power to deliver long-lasting strength for each task – allowing you to get the job done quickly, efficiently and correctly the first time.

Say goodbye to the bulky, cumbersome tools of the past and tap into the joy of the Greenworks 24V drill/driver. It’s the MVP of power tools, designed to leave no project unfinished. Shop now!

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