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This year’s official Earth Day theme is “invest in our planet” – something we take seriously at Greenworks Tools. In honor of Earth Day, we compiled a few quick tips on easy ways to become more environmentally conscious. Remember, even small changes can have a significant impact!

1. Familiarize yourself with environmental regulations.

Review your state’s newest environmental regulations – especially before purchasing a big-ticket item like a new car or lawn mower. You’ll be glad you did your homework! For example, a new California law prohibits buying new gas lawn mowers and leaf blowers beginning in January 2024. Additionally, New York recently adopted California’s rule that all new vehicles sold by 2035 be either electric or plug-in electric hybrids. Awareness of new laws and regulations will help you make environmentally informed decisions.

2. Schedule a free energy audit of your home.

Did you know that most local power companies offer free at-home energy audits? It’s a great way to take a peek into how much energy your household is consuming. In addition to tips like programming your thermostat, switching to low-flow showerheads and adding more insulation in cold spots, the power company is an excellent resource for becoming more environmentally conscious.

3. Make the switch to sustainable battery power.

Take a close look at your home and yard – are there any opportunities to switch from gas to electric? Consider upgrading your power tools from gas-guzzler has-been to zero-emission superstar with Greenworks lineup of lawn vehicles, mowers, blowers, trimmers, chainsaws, pressure washers and more. And best of all, you can use your fully-charged Greenworks batteries in any tool on the same voltage platform – check out our 24V, 40V, 60V and 80V products to help make the switch to a sustainable and reliable power source.

4. Tap into recycling in your community.

It’s second nature for us to recycle paper and plastic – but what else can you recycle in your house? Take an inventory of old electronics – instead of collecting dust in a drawer, you can take old phones, computers, batteries and other electronics into dedicated e-waste centers. More than twenty-five states have passed laws regulating e-waste to help keep old electronics out of landfills. You can also check out local donation centers in your community to recycle and rehome old electronics to families in need. It’s a win-win – help your community and the environment!

The Greenworks Commitment

At Greenworks, every day is Earth Day. For more than 20 years, Greenworks has been at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. We proudly push the boundaries of what cordless products can do – powering up your lifestyle with zero gas, zero emissions and zero maintenance. Shop our home, tool and yard equipment and join the sustainability movement today with Greenworks.

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