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2x24V Lawn Mower 36cm + Leaf Blower 193 km/h + 24V Hedge Trimmer 56cm Set


Set includes

  • 2x24V Lawn Mower 36cm
  • 2x24V Leaf Blower 193 km/h
  • 24V Hedge Trimmer 56cm
  • 2x 24V 4Ah Batteries
  • 2x 24V 2Ah Batteries
  • 24V Dual Charger


This is a Greenworks garden tool bundle with 2x24V Lawn Mower 36cm, 2x24V Leaf Blower 193 km/h, 24V Hedge Trimmer 56cm, 24V 2x4Ah Batteries, and 24V Dual Charger.

Perfect for the homeowner like you who wants the right outdoor power equipment to keep smaller outdoor spaces looking tidy and great, the Greenworks 24 volt family of tools are high-quality cordless products with plenty of performance without being overpowering. The universal 24 volt battery system powers a wide array of indoor and outdoor tools. Each product is ergonomically designed and lightweight so they're easy for anyone to use. These products are easy starting and easy to store for homes with limited space.

Technical Data

  • Battery Ah 8Ah
  • Voltage 24V/48V