GSK24B2X | 2927707

24V Starter Kit 2x2Ah Batteries + Dual Charger

  • Batteries and charger combo kit – two 24V 2Ah batteries and a dual charger
  • Long-lasting and consistent performance – the battery keeps its charge even when not in use
  • Battery level display – shows its current power level when charging
  • Compatible with all Greenworks 24V Garden and Power Tools


The Greenworks GSK24B2X 24V 2Ah starter kit features 2 x 24V 2Ah batteries (G24B2) and a 2A charger with dual slots (G24X2UC2). The kit is compatible with all 24V garden tools for total flexibility and convenience.

Each G24B2 2Ah battery offers 43.2 Watt hours of power, perfect for jobs around the home or garden. Thanks to the latest Lithium-Ion technology the battery offers fast charging, optimum performance and long runtimes, as well as the benefit of no self discharge.

The Greenworks G24X2UC2 2A charger features dual slots with the ability to charge 2 batteries at the same time, as well as integrated battery cooling and charge status indicator LED. As the kit includes two batteries you can carry on working while one is on charge allowing all the tasks to be carried out continuously.

As part of the Greenworks 24V family, the battery and charger can be used with a range of different tools, from lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and chainsaws to power tools and pressure washers.


  • Starter kit including 2 x batteries & dual charger
  • Part of the 24V family – One battery for multiple products
  • 2 x 2Ah lithium-ion batteries
  • 2A dual slot charger
  • Compact and powerful
  • No self discharge
  • LED power indicator
  • No emissions
  • Technical Data

    • Battery Ah 2x2 Ah
    • Charger Time 2Ah 1 h
    • Charger Time 4Ah 2 h
    • Voltage 24V
    • Wall Mount Yes
    • Watt Hours 48 Wh
    • Weight 1.25 kg