Experience Greenworks' Intelligent Power and gas-free future of lawn care. Sharper, faster, stronger.  

Faster mow. Superior cut.

Unleash the power of the Greenworks 60V Mini-Rider, equipped with the most advanced cutting-edge technology in the industry. Where gas mowers fail, our mowers rise to the challenge, intuitively detecting extreme cutting conditions to unleash optimal power to the blade motors, ensuring a constant blade speed as it effortlessly conquers tall, thick, and wet grass.

Cut all day with "Mow, Swap, and Go" technique 

Mow up to 4,500m2 on a single charge with the included batteries. For continuous mowing, use three batteries while the remaining three charge. The "mow, swap, and go" process is seamless: place one battery in each dual-port charger, then hop on your mower and get to work. In just 45 minutes, the other three batteries will be ready. The removable battery is compatible with over 75 other Greenworks 60V tools, ensuring versatility and efficiency across your entire yard care arsenal.


Effortless & Simple

  • All-Electric Power: Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly refueling, because this innovative 60V Mini-Rider runs on pure electric power. With its batteries, it’s ready to tackle even the most demanding tasks, mowing up to 4,500m2 on just one charge.  
  • Low Maintenance: With 80% fewer moving parts, there’s no more time and money wasted on fuel, oil, belts, and pulleys. Instead, you can focus your time and energy on what really matters - mowing.
  • Less Downtime: With an industry-best 75-minute charge time, you can quickly and efficiently get back to work instead of waiting for your equipment to charge.
  • Connectivity: With 4G/GPS connectivity, you can get real-time battery and unit status feedback, as well as theft protection.

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