Brush Cutter

24V+24V Bike Handle Brush Cutter 38 cm

The Greenworks GD24X2BCB cordless brush cutter is perfectly suited for small to medium gardens thanks to a 38cm cutting width and bike handle design. Power comes from an advanced double battery system with 2x24V batteries for 48V performance.


Powerful double battery brush cutter

The Greenworks GD24X2BCB is a durable yet lightweight brush cutter for small to medium sized gardens. Powered by an advanced double battery system the machine offers 48V performance using 2x24V batteries. As part of the 24V family, the battery can be used in any of the other tools available, for total flexibility and convenience.

The GD24X2BCB is durable and easy to use thanks to an aluminium shaft and ergonomically designed bike handles. For total control during use the machine features high and low speed modes and a variable speed trigger, giving you the right power when you need it.

Double Battery Innovation

The latest innovation from Greenworks allows two 24V batteries to combine in series to power a 48V motor. The benefits include additional power when trimming or brush cutting, while utilising compact 24V batteries which can be used in any of the 24V family of tools, from lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and even power tools. The advanced brushless motor ensures maximum efficiency, giving increased runtimes and performance.

Performance & Control

For total control the GD24X2BCB features variable speed, allowing you to control the speed of the cutting head depending on the task at hand. The machine also benefits from ergonomic bike handles and a harness, allowing your shoulders to take the weight of the machine rather than your arms.

Grass Trimming and Brush Cutting

The GD24X2BCB is suited to small and medium sized lawns with a large 38cm cutting width dual line nylon cutter head with auto bump feed. When you need more cutter line, simply tap the head on the floor while in use and the cord will extend to its correct length. For heavier growth simply fit the metal blade to clear areas with ease.


  • Durable and efficient brushless motor
  • Total control thanks to variable speed
  • Comfortable to use thanks to adjustable bike handle
  • Innovative double battery system – All the benefits of 24V, all the power of 48V
  • Petrol performance
  • No emissions
  • Quiet and low vibration operation
  • No fuel or cables to worry about.
  • Lower running & maintenance costs than petrol equivalents
  • Interchangeable battery system – 1 battery, multiple applications
  • Peace of mind - Comprehensive 3 year warranty

If you want more power to cover tougher tasks in larger gardens try our 60V platform. The Greenworks GD60LT offers exceptional performance for medium to large gardens.

Technical Specifications

2x 24V
5,5 kg
Line feeding system
Cutting diameter
38 cm
Adjustable handles
Blade included
Harness style
Runtime (2Ah)
Up to 10 min high​ - Up to 13 min low
Runtime (4Ah)
Up to 19 min high​ - Up to 23 min low