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Optimow 15

Robotic Mower 1500m²

The Greenworks Optimow 15 is a fully automated robotic lawn mower that is perfectly suited for medium to large gardens thanks to an advanced and low noise design. Easily mows lawns up to 1500 m2 without you having to lift a finger.



Control at your fingertips

Truly remote controlled and software updates via Greenworks App with GSM wireless connection 


Super easy to clean

Easy to clean thanks to the removable body and resistance to water (water hoseable IPX5)


A silent experience

Very low noise with 60 dB guaranteed

The Greenworks Optimow 15 is a fully automated robotic lawn mower designed to expertly maintain lawns of up to 1500m2. Installation is simple with everything you need included, simply peg down a perimeter wire and connect to the base station.

Once installed the Optimow 15 will mow the lawn according to your pre-set schedule, charging itself when necessary. You have full control from anywhere with the GSM enabled App to alter mowing times if required, and the built-in lift and collision sensors ensure safety at all times.

Advanced and Quiet Operation

The advanced design of the Greenworks Optimow 15 makes it suitable for larger lawns of up to 1500m2 (almost 6 tennis courts). Despite its ability to cover larger areas, the machine is highly manoeuvrable, and its exceptionally low operating noise means you’ll forget its even there.

Full Control from the Greenworks App

The Optimow 15 can be controlled and updated via GSM from the Greenworks app, where you can monitor the machine as well as alter settings and schedules from anywhere in the world. The machine is preloaded with a sim card which can be topped up when required.

Safe & Intelligent

Optimow 15 is designed with safety in mind, featuring an integrated lifting sensor which automatically stops the blades when the machine is lifted. The collision sensors allow Optimow to recognise obstacles, with the machine stopping and turning away to mow elsewhere. As well as safety, Optimow is intelligent thanks to rain and frost sensors to ensure mowing only takes place in the right conditions, and its integrated geofence security sends notifications if the machine ever leaves its area.

How does it work?

The concept is simple and involves a boundary wire around the perimeter of your lawn, this can be pegged into the lawn or buried, once installed the Optimow 15 mows the lawn in a random pattern leaving a carpet like finish. For complex garden shapes, the optional guide wire allows the Optimow to easily navigate back to the base station for charging.

How does it know where it has already cut?

The Optimow 15 doesn’t know where it has mowed and doesn’t need to. By mowing a random pattern regularly, it covers the whole lawn easily only ever cutting very small amounts at a time, leaving a perfectly level surface.

How does it charge?

Optimow 15 knows when its battery level is low, and automatically returns to the base station to charge itself, before resuming cutting when ready.

Where do the grass clippings go?

The cutting method is ‘little and often’ which leaves very small grass clippings which fall down to the grass roots and are not visible to the eye. This grass then naturally decomposes and acts as a fertiliser, giving a healthier and greener looking lawn.

How often does it need to mow?

Depending on the size of your lawn you set a mowing schedule either on the machine or via the Greenworks app, Optimow 15 will then follow this schedule automatically.


  • Fully automatic robotic lawnmower – you never have to mow again
  • No grass clippings to dispose of
  • Mows lawns up to 1500m2, and slopes up to 35%
  • Designed for safety
  • IPX5 waterproof rating – Allows easy cleaning with a garden hose
  • Control from anywhere in the world on your mobile
  • Optional guide wire for complex shaped lawns
  • Enjoy the perfect lawn, healthy and green
  • Remote trouble shooting
  • No emissions
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • No fuel or cables to worry about.
  • Low running costs
  • Peace of mind - Comprehensive 3 year warranty

Technical Specifications

Cutting capacity
< 1500 m2
Cutting width
22 cm
Cutting system
3 pivoting razor blades
Cutting mode
Free movement
Max. slope
Connection type
Min. passage
60 cm
IP classification
Incl. wire
100 m
Guide cable
Yes, but not mandatory
SIM Card
SIM Card fee
20 €/year (2 years included)