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Lawn mower

48V Lawn Mower 41 cm

The Greenworks G24X2LM41 is a cordless push lawn mower perfectly suited for small to medium gardens thanks to a generous 41cm cutting width and 2-in-1 function. Power comes from an advanced double battery system with 2x24V batteries for 48V performance.



Versatile 2-in-1 function

Mulching or mowing: Depending on your preference, the respective function can be easily adjusted. With the practical mulch function, you can fertilize your garden directly with the fine grass sections naturally. The ground blades of grass cover the soil, protect it from drying out and at the same time feed moisture back into the soil.


Perfect lawn height

The low-noise mower helps you with its 6-fold central cutting height adjustment from 25 to 80mm and a cutting width of 41cm to a well-kept lawn. Decide for yourself how short you want to mow your lawn and adapt to the seasonal needs of your lawn.


Easy to start

The 2x24V batteries can be quickly and easily plugged into the lawnmower. No cable clutter, no tripping hazards, no complex construction. Each Greenworks 24V device can be started immediately by the battery. The integrated LED display of the batteries also shows you the remaining charge at the touch of a button.

GD24X236 fallback
GD24X2LM36 Two Batteries

Versatile 41cm Dual Voltage cordless lawnmower

The Greenworks G24X2LM41 is a highly versatile lawnmower with a 41cm cutting width for small to medium sized lawns. Powered by an advanced dual volt system the machine offers 48V performance using 2x24V batteries, as part of the 24V family, the battery can be used in any of the other tools available, for total flexibility and convenience.

With a durable 41cm cutting deck the machine features a choice of cutting options - collection, and mulching. The central height adjustment lever allows for single handed raising or lowering of the cutting height depending on conditions.

Multiple cutting options for any lawn type

  • Collection – for the perfect tidy finish, grass cuttings are collected in the large easy empty 50L collection bag.
  • Mulching – offering a tidy finish without the need to ever empty the grass collector. Grass is circulated in the cutting deck thanks to a mulch plug in the collection chute, where it is cut and recut into small pieces before dropping back into the grass roots to decompose and fertilise your lawn.

Double Battery Innovation

The latest innovation from Greenworks allows two 24V batteries to combine in series to power a 48V motor. The benefits include additional power when mowing, while utilising compact 24V batteries which can be used in any of the 24V family of tools, from grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and even power tools.

Comfortable & Compact

The G24X2LM41 41cm lawnmower is easily manoeuvrable thanks to large high traction wheels, and when the mowing is finished the fully foldable handles allow easy storage in the garage or garden shed.


  • Multi-function 41cm cordless lawnmower
  • Innovative double battery system – All the benefits of 24V, all the power of 48V
  • Petrol performance
  • No emissions
  • Quiet and low vibration operation
  • No fuel or cables to worry about.
  • Lower running & maintenance costs than petrol equivalents
  • Interchangeable battery system – 1 battery, multiple applications
  • Peace of mind - Comprehensive 3 year warranty

If you are looking for a larger mower try the Greenworks GD24X2LM46SP, the top of range 2x24v model features a metal cutting deck, larger 46cm cutting width, and self drive so you don’t even have to push.

Technical Specifications

48V (2 x 24V)
18 kg
Cutting width
41 cm
Runtime (2Ah)
Up to 13 mins
Runtime (4Ah)
Up to 26 mins
Height adjustment
Deck material
Foldable handlebar
No. of cutting heights
Cutting height
25-80 mm
Cutting actions
Mulching, rear collection
Variable speed
Collector volume
50 l