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Cordless pressure washer

60V Pressure Washer

The Greenworks GDC60 is a cordless portable pressure washer with integrated water tank, offering total convenience for cleaning off-site or around the home thanks to a 70 bar max pressure and high performance brushless motor.


60V battery pressure washer
Cleaning with a cordless pressure washer

The Greenworks GDC60 is a highly versatile portable pressure washer, perfect for cleaning grills, cars, bikes and more. Powered by an advanced 60V lithium-ion battery the machine offers high performance and long runtimes, without electric cables or emissions. As part of the 60V family, the battery can be used in any of the other tools available for total flexibility and convenience.

Featuring an integrated 20L water tank, allowing you to clean without any cables or hose connections for total flexibility. The high 70 bar max pressure and a flow rate of 300 l/hour means cleaning jobs around the home have never been easier.

The machine features a range of accessories including trigger and wand, 6m high pressure hose, adjustable fan jet nozzle and detergent tank, giving you everything you need to clean boots, bikes, grills, cars and much more.

The Greenworks GDC60 offers total convenience, with no petrol or electric cables to deal with. Instead simply insert the advanced 60V battery and you are ready to clean. The battery offers exceptional performance with the added benefit of also fitting any of the 60V family of tools, from grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers and more. The brushless motor ensures a long life and extended runtimes compared to brushed motors.

Technical Specifications

7,9 kg
Runtime (2Ah)
11 min
Runtime (4Ah)
22 min
Max. rated flow
300 l/h
Max. pressure
70 bar
Water tank
20 l