Sustainable Gardening - Battery Powered Tools

Revolutionising Home Gardening

Sustainable gardening has become a buzzword within the environmental community in recent years. But what does the term actually mean? Essentially, sustainable gardening is a concept which revolves around the creation of physical, psychological and visual sustenance and nourishment using natural resources without disrupting existing ecosystems or increasing carbon footprints.The resources can come in the form of land, water supply, seeds, fertiliser and much more. The guiding principle behind sustainable gardening is sustainable production and respect for the environment. Whether you’re a wannabe sustainable gardener, or just contemplating joining the movement, we’ve compiled several tips and environmental hacks below that would help you get started on the right path.

Sustainable gardeners are some of the most environmentally-conscious people around. They make every effort to reduce, or even completely remove their footprint from nature. They will go above and beyond when it comes to the environment. However, sometimes even the most well-intentioned are forced to set their ideals aside out of necessity. If you’ve been racked with guilt about using a petrol-powered lawnmower to mow your lawn, or diesel-powered shears to trim the branches of the trees in the garden, perhaps it’s time to look into battery-powered tools.

Battery powered tools

As the name implies, battery-powered tools do not use fossil fuels. As such, they do not produce any gaseous pollutants and carbon emissions when used. Since these devices do not rely on carburettors or generators, they also emit significantly less noise pollution. Users also do not need to drive down to gas stations to periodically buy fuel for their machines. Almost all operational pollution is eliminated simply by using battery-powered devices. You could argue that manufacturing such devices also create carbon footprints. However, since they are powered by electricity, the number of parts drastically drop in the absence of internal combustion engines or motors. Consequently, the volume of repairs and part replacements also became significantly lower over the lifespan of the machine. As far as battery-powered lawnmower or trimmers being less powerful than their fossil fuel counterparts, that is nothing more than an urban myth. Rapid technological advancements have negated any horsepower advantage that fuel-powered devices may once have had. In addition, battery-powered devices are inherently safer to use owing to the fewer number of parts. Even the cumbersome throttling mechanism and starter cords have been replaced with the easier and safer to use start button. So start using sustainable battery-powered tools for your sustainable garden today. You know it makes sense.

Battery powered tools