Optimow® Updates

Improvements and new functions

We at Greenworks are constantly working on improving and adding new functions to our Optimow®. In the following we have listed new functions and improvements that recently have been made to the software and the GreenGuide app. The updates are automatically downloaded and installed by your mower. Don't forget that our GreenGuide app needs to be updated via your smartphone (App Store or Google Play), so make sure that your phone is allowing automatic app updates.

Optimow - charging station

Updates in app version 2.3.1

In this release we are introducing native push messages, so that you always get a notification in case your Optimow® needs your attention. The push notification will keep you informed about:

  • Mower errors
  • Software updates
  • PIN code 

Optimow- no tracking marks

Updates in app version 2.3

Apart from solving some general issues we have focused on improving the positioning function, by offering you more detailed information. The updates are:

  • Trail of last Optimow® positions was added
  • Geofence area is now visible on the map
  • Possibility to reset all mower user settings
  • Feedback and support link was added
  • Information about ongoing mower software updates was added

Optimow slope

Updates in mower version 6.27

Our Optimow® is now even more reliable than before. In this release we have focused on improving its behavior:

  • When following the guide wire
  • When following the boundary wire
  • Motor control
  • App connection
  • Behavior in complex situations
  • Reduced risk of mower getting stuck outside the boundary wire

Optimow - woman with phone


Optimow on hill