Greenworks 60V Battery 6.0 Ah

60V Battery 6.0 Ah

The Greenworks G60B6 60V 6Ah battery features a lightweight design and advanced lithium-ion cells for powerful performance. Compatible with all 60V Greenworks garden tools.


Powerful 60V Lithium-Ion battery with 6Ah

The Greenworks G60B6 is a powerful, lightweight 60V 6Ah lithium-ion battery. Featuring the latest Lithium-Ion technology and integrated LED power indicator clearly showing the power level and when charging is required. Compatible with all 60V garden tools for total convenience.

Lithium-Ion Technology

Greenworks batteries utilise the latest Lithium-Ion technology for optimum performance. Benefits include fast charging times, long runtimes and no self discharge.

Part of the 60V Family

As part of the Greenworks 60V family, the battery can be used in a range of different tools, from lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and even powered barrows.


The 6Ah battery offers an exceptional 360 Watt hours of power, perfect for the most demanding jobs around the garden and extended runtimes.

Not sure what Ah means? Ah is an abbreviation for Amp hours, the higher the Amp hour, the longer the battery will power a product.


  • No self discharge
  • LED power indicator
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • No emissions
  • No fuel or cables to worry about.
  • Lower running & maintenance costs than petrol equivalents
  • Interchangeable battery system – 1 battery, multiple applications
  • Peace of mind - Comprehensive 2 year warranty


Frequently asked questions

Q             What is the best way to store my battery?

A             You should always store your battery indoors in a dry environment. Storage temperatures should be between 5C and 35C to prolong its life and never store in direct sunlight or next to heat sources. For longer periods of storage we recommend your battery has at least 40% charge.

Q             What is the best way to charge my battery?

A             You should only charge your battery indoors between +5C and +45C as extreme temperatures can cause the batteries protection system to shut it down for safety. A lithium-ion battery feels most comfortable at a charge level of 30 to 60 percent. In the case of Greenworks batteries, this corresponds to exactly two lit LEDs on the charge level indicator. So, in contrast to older batteries, it makes sense to charge lithium-ion batteries briefly in between.

Q             How long will my battery last before it needs replacing?

A             Despite batteries being classed as consumables, provided you store your battery correctly it should last for approximately 1000 cycles (a cycle is a charge from 0-100%) For the average user this would give many years of usage.

Technical Specifications

Battery pack capacity
6 Ah
Watt hours
324 Wh
Charging time 100%
< 150 min
2,00 kg