Optimow® Updates

Improvements and new functions

We at Greenworks are constantly working on improving and adding new functions to our Optimow®. In the following we have listed new functions and improvements that recently have been made to the software and the GreenGuide app. The update concerns the robotic mower software version 3.2.1 and the app version 2.1.1. The updates are automatically downloaded and installed by your mower. Don't forget that our GreenGuide app needs to be updated via your smartphone (App Store or Google Play), so make sure that your phone is allowing automatic app updates.

Optimow - charging station

Rain sensor - Our smart rain sensor is finally live!

If this function is activated in the app, the mower keeps track of the weather through our cloud service. In case of heavy rainfall the mower will pause in the charging station until the weather condition improved and standing water or puddles have disappeared. NOTE! This means that the mower continues cutting in light rain, and will pause only in case of heavy rainfall. If the rain sensor function is not activated, the mower will cut according to scheduled times, independent of rainfall.

Optimow- no tracking marks

No track marks along the guide wire

From now on you can select a maximum offset that the mower will follow along the guide wire. This means that the mower randomly varies the path along the wire up to the set maximum, so tracks can be eliminated. Remember that you have to adjust this offset if you have a narrow passage. Select an offset as high as possible, which still allows the mower to get through the passage.

Optimow slope

Improved slope performance

You can now make full use of the onboard gyroscope which helps devices to maintain a specific orientation. That way Optimow® can run straighter even in hilly terrains. NOTE! During the first hours of runtime, the gyroscope is calibrating, during this time the mower might not run as straight yet.

Optimow - woman with phone

General performance and behavior improvements

As always, where we find something that can be improved – we do it! For example:

  • Charging station loop code can now be reset, so that you can use more than one charging station.
  • More detailed information of the mower status such as battery level or the reason for why the mower is pausing.
  • Improved behaviour when the mower gets close to the boundary wire, so that the risk of the mower getting too far out of the mowing area is reduced.
  • Improved docking behaviour.
  • Smoother reversing and turning.
Optimow on hill