Easy trimming

It takes a handy and efficient string trimmer to add the finishing touches.

Why do you need a string trimmer?

Your lawn mower can mow large areas, but it takes a handy and efficient string trimmer to add the finishing touches as well as managing the overgrown areas.

How much grass you need to trim will guide you to the right tool. If it is about tidying up the areas in your garden where your robot lawn mower can not reach, you should buy a small and handy string trimmer, that is lightweight with a thin line. For example G24LT30.

However if you need to combat tougher vegetation such as rough and long grass, cow parsley or nettles from nearby greens, you need a string trimmer with a bigger trimmer head, a coarser line, a stronger motor and wider cutting width. For example X. If you want to save unnecessary strain on your body when doing bigger jobs choose a bike handle string trimmer and a harness. For example GD80BCB.

A string trimmer should be convenient and easy to handle

How do I use the string trimmer in the best way?

It takes some skill to keep the trimmer parallel to the ground; if you hold it wrong or at an angle you risk scalping your lawn. However, our trimmer heads have a guard at the bottom, making sure you get straight, neat angles and measurements, to easily achieve the correct height to the surface that you are trimming.

Easy to switch the trimmer line

Everyone who has used a string trimmer knows how complicated it can be to switch the trimmer line. Greenworks’ clever solutions have made this completely uncomplicated.

On the basic versions you change the cassette and line at the same time. It is an easy ”plug and go” system that allows you to quickly get going again. For the heavier trimmers we have developed a solution that allows you to feed the line into the trimmer without having to take the trimmer head apart. With an easy click of a button the line feeds onto its spool and the trimmer is ready to be used.

No spatter grass and dirt

Another common issue with string trimmers is that they can spatter grass, gravel and dirt around. This is why our trimmers have sturdy protection, shielding the user from dirt. So you do not need to brush off a load of grass when you are done.

String Trimmers